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What I learnt from my year of business: 5 lessons

Millions in the bank? Nope. Plenty of failures? Absolutely. Worth it? Of course. I never dreamed I would have my own business, I have always been the joint owner of ventures. Last year I stepped out on my own and I have learnt some huge lessons. 
This is what the gym looked at before I ever opened up. There was tons of equipment to move and a lot of cleaning to be done. I thought I would never be ready in time. 
On 1 Septemeber 2017 I opened the doors of my new gym in Witbank South Africa. I was tucked into a large workshop building a local school had no need for. The floor, a rugged, wrecked paint job on a concrete floor. The roof, a flaking damp polystyrene covering. The windows were cracked and broken. I had some close friends help me drill a pull up rig into the wall as well as put up my barbell rack. Besides that I had very little besides the dust on the floor and a big open space. I was terrified. On the Friday I opened I had three member start training with me not many had bac…
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You are what you are thinking

We all have 7 days in the week. 7 days to balance, love, life, work and surviving emotionally on this planet. Sometimes things get tough, yesterday was one of those days that I just needed to step outside of myself to connect with people and listen to stories of peoples lives. Do we really care whats happening in peoples lives? I promise you, that if you would take an interest in somebody else's story, you will be blown away by their inspirational stories. 
If you want to be listened to, listen genuinely to others. 
As a fitness coach I have many people walking through my gym door on a daily basis, as somebody who likes to train and stay fit as well, giving so much of oneself can become quite tiring especially if you lose perspective of what you are trying to do. For example, there are so many books out there to show you how to get rich, by building relationships, connecting with people and more. Steps to gain success by manipulating the world to how you want it to be. 
I believe …

Helping the Gorillas in Congo: What you can do

Chance? Iv'e never understood exactly what it meant, perhaps because Im not entirely convinced thats how things go. If we agree it exists, then it was by "chance" that this weekend I stumbled upon an incredible documentary on Netflix called Virunga. Watch the trailer here

This movie had a huge impact on me

For months I have passed by this title not really sure what I was missing out on. Virunga is a National Park, the oldest in Africa at that, in the Congo. Having myself, travelled to Congo for a medical mission with Operation Smile, the first 5 minutes hooked me immediately.

I could relate with the countries hardships, the m23 Rebels, the exploitation by foreign companies, because I had in fact heard these stories told in person many times. If you haven't watched the movie, I suggest you go check it out, because I don't want to give to much away.

Many Rangers have died trying to protect the Mountain Gorillas

However, its Monday today, and as I sit here sipping on …

Plastic bags: Solving a problem

We have invented, crafted, engineered, for our connivence must I say, something that will last longer than even coal, a commodity once thought to be a renewable resource.

A couple of years ago I visited Madagascar, a beautiful country off the East Coast of South Africa. I was volunteering for humanitarian work with the Mercy Ships Organization, literally a floating village and hospital traveling all around Africa helping the sick and those without access to good medical care. A day before I left myself and the headmaster of the school on the ship headed out onto the ocean on Stand Up paddles. It was a beautiful day, we rode the ocean and eventually wandered into some lagoons in land. The filth from litter, the smell and the plastic bags floating on the water not only saddened me but shocked me, I had never experienced this up close. A fantastic coastline loosing its ocean life through this.

A picture from Indonesia, not very different from what I saw in Madagascar

A plastic bag takes …

A short trip to another country

Yes travel is about posting the picture in the airport. The coffee, the flight tickets, hast tag "traveling" if you haven't done this surely you are not living?

Well perhaps I used to think this, but a lot has changed for me in the last couple of years. These days small trips and excisions have brought me such joy and I believe it can "enlighten" excuse the pun, you will understand later, those who want to do more and see more on a daily basis in South Africa without exorbitant budgets.

I felt like I was in China
I had the opportunity to visit the Nan Hua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit recently and the experience blew my mind. Firstly it is very easy to find. Head off the N4 highway towards the massive temple you can see in the distance, continue straight until you see a sign prompting you to turn right.
You drive straight to the Temple. On your left on the approach is the visitors centre, I would suggest going there first although we did it the other way around.


Standing on your own two feet

I have flirted with a line of people pleasing and following my own dreams for most of my life. Last year was an incredibly difficult year in terms of business decisions, social decisions and career path decisions. In rough detail I would like to explain things that happened, perhaps it can save you a lot of pain in your own life.

I used to have this idea, as many people do, that contacts and people determine your altitude in life. This meant I needed to keep everyone happy, share everything with everyone and create meaningful relationships to possibly get "opportunities" handed down to me. The problem was, it worked, it led to most of my opportunities in life so far, especially in terms of my adventure. Until it all comes crashing down...
If it wasn't for my unfiltered time alone I would have never learnt how to enjoy myself, my thoughts and who I was. We have the power to be who we want to be. 
I was for the first time in my life shunned for the decisions I made for myse…

Day 4 and 5: Gasping for Air, Altitude Sickness

Sitting at home on a brisk Highveld morning I thick back to these days on the mountain. How fear and panic had gripped me that I couldn't breathe...I thought it was the end of my climb. It was one of the scariest places I had been in my life. 
Arriving at Mawenzi Hut 
Freezing Cold, tough night

And now again, looking back, it seems impossible that on this massive earth, you can find places where you feel completely and utterly on another planet. Our minds are truly our worst enemies. 
Day 4 was a lovely flat walk to Kikewela Camp at 3600m above sea level. Only rising, 150m vertically that day, my dad and I both knew this would be the last easy day. Like the Navy Seal quote, "the only easy day was yesterday," I felt quite distressed about the next day. 
At camp the temperature had dropped dramatically and we were well below zero most of the afternoon. There wasn't much place to do an altitude hike in the afternoon to acclimatize without exerting oneself to…